Rihanna says she has no relationship with Chris Brown

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Ever since the media ended Rihanna and Chris Brown's turbulent relationship, they have been trying to put them back together. It was only a matter of months before rumors began of Rihanna missing Chris Brown. However, during this time, she had started a then-budding romance with Drake.

Rihanna's career suffered slightly from her fight with Brown, but she quickly rebounded. Being a part of Jay-Z's Roc Nation company, he found ways to spin her image. Rihanna was back to topping the charts before the end of the career. Still, the stories about Chris Brown refuse to go away.

While she lifted the restraining order Los Angeles County placed against Chris Brown, Rihanna says she is not interested in getting back with him. Despite what she says, gossip sites continue linking the couple. Last summer, Chris Brown recorded a song, "Deuces," which told exactly how he felt about getting back with Rihanna and even boasted about some of his new conquests.

Regardless of how hard they try, the media continiously puts Rihanna and Chris Brown together. Tired of all the rumors, Rihanna recently spoke out. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Rihanna said she has no contact with Chris Brown on any level. Rihanna said she her lifting the restraining order does not mean they will suddenly make up with each other, or even speak to each other again. The reason she lifted the restraining order was so Brown could move on with his life and continue his career, a restraining order limits him from being at the same places as her, so she helped him out.

Rihanna's kindness is not her way of saying she would like to reconnect with Chris Brown.


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