Evelyn Lozada will be on "Basketball Wives" season three

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

Before "Basketball Wives," not too many people knew too much about Evelyn Lozada. Her claim to fame was the ex-fiance` of former superstar, Antoine Walker. Walker, himself, had been in the media after he blew his entire fortune on bad business deals and an excessive lifestyle. This led to Lozada leaving Walker.

Evelyn Lozada has been separated from Walker for some time and has been with several high-profile men since. Her relationship with football star, Chad Ochocinco, was documented on the last season of her show, "Basketball Wives." After getting engaged to Ochocinco, there were rumors of the couple moving to E! for a new show.

Lozada has issues with several of the cast members on the show for various reasons. While she is on good terms with Shaunie O'Neal, many of the other ladies dislike Evelyn. Because of this, she was considering not returning to do the third season of "Basketball Wives." With the second season just winding down, filming for the third season has already started.

Recently, Shaunie O'Neal posted on Twitter that she was filming the third season of "Basketball Wives" with her friends, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer. This confirms Evelyn Lozada will remain on the show, at least through the third season. It is still possible that she could leave and do another series on E! with her new fiance`, Chad Ochocinco.


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