Rihanna goes topless in Nivea ad

Monday, March 7, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

When she first debuted in 2005, Rihanna marketed herself as the new "it girl." She won over fans with her seductively innocent look, it was different at the time. But, as she got older, Rihanna tried to change her style. In 2006, she angered Def Jam when she cut all of her hair off.

The new hairstyle paid off for Rihanna and it helped her begin the second phase of her career. In 2007, she released A Good Girl Gone Bad. On this album, Rihanna completely changed her image and won over new fans. In the video for "Umbrella," her breakout hit, Rihanna appeared topless.

From that point on, Rihanna has been one of the biggest female sex symbols in the world. Now, more and more companies are looking to partner with Rihanna. She has always been able to land endorsements, but now her sexy look makes mature companies want to work with Rihanna. Nivea is the latest company to reach out to Rihanna.

Rihanna agreed to become a part of the Nivea ad campaign that features her nearly naked. Nivea is celebrating its 100th year in a major way. Despite already being one of the biggest stars in the world, this is a big deal for Rihanna to become the face of Nivea on such a big campaign. The first image was leaked to the internet today. However, the official campaign will begin sometime in May.


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