Rihanna expresses Romantic Interest in Women

Friday, March 18, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Throughout her career, Rihanna has been tied to several men in the game. Early in her career, there were rumors of Rihanna possibly stealing Jay-Z away from Beyonce. In the time since then, Rihanna started seeing Chris Brown. Their relationship publicly ended in 2009.

Last year, there were rumors of Rihanna dating baseball superstar, Matt Kemp. Initially, the two insisted they were only friends. But, last March, they were revealed as an item when the two met their respective families. Rihanna was very nervous about meeting Matt Kemp's mother.

Around the same time of her relationship with Kemp, Rihanna was rumored to be sleeping with her assistant, Melissa. The two were caught in compromising positions several times in photographs. When asked about her interests, Rihanna insisted she was into men only. But, nearly one year later, Rihanna was rumored to be involved with Nicki Minaj.

Recently, Rihanna was asked about the men in her life. She said she did not want to burst the bubble of men around the world, but she was only into women now. When she revealed this, a news reporter asked if the woman she was into was Nicki Minaj. In response, Rihanna jokingly said she wished she was with Nicki because she has the perfect butt.


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