Keri Hilson denies Missy Elliott fling

Friday, March 18, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

A few days ago, Keri Hilson was involved in romantic rumors about her and Missy Elliott. For years, Missy Elliott has been a rumored lesbian. In 2005, there were rumors of Missy having a relationship with Ciara. But, Ciara spoke out and denied having anything besides a business relationship with Missy Elliott.

Recently, Keri Hilson has been relatively tough on the men, as a whole. Last year, she released her second album, which was titled No Boys Allowed. Hilson said she named her album this because she is only interested in men. When asked about possibly dating rappers, Keri Hilson said she stayed away.

The recent stories about Keri Hilson wanting to remain single and staying away from rappers have driven some wild. Gossip site, Media Takeout, released a story to the internet about the "pretty girl" being involved with Missy Elliott. The story spread through the internet like wildfire and many other sites picked up on the news.

Yesterday, Keri Hilson angrily responded to the rumors. She said Media Takeout has no idea what they are talking about. Not only is Keri Hilson not dating Missy Elliott, Hilson does not even know the woman. In the four years she has been in the game, Keri Hilson said she may have seen Missy Elliott a total of two times. Of those two meetings, Keri Hilson said they may have had one small conversation, but they do not even know each other, let alone had an affair.


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