Maino reveals attraction to Rihanna

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Throughout her career, Rihanna has attracted several men. Due to the career she chose, Rihanna has been linked to several men in the business. However, she has only admitted to dating two of them. But, she has attracted many other men, along the way.

When she burst onto the scene, in 2005, Rihanna attracted men because of her innocent look. Initially, Rihanna was considered one of the "good girls" in the game. Her lyrics left much mystery into the type of girl Rihanna was, hence the album, A Girl Like Me.

Following the release of that album, Rihanna upset Def Jam and her corporate sponsors when she cut her hair. The move was considered career suicide. However, it was the best move she ever made and it gave birth to her A Good Girl Gone Bad phase.

Rihanna now attracts men because of her "bad girl" persona. New York rapper, Maino, has become the latest man to reveal his attraction to Rihanna. The rapper said Rihanna was a "bad bitch," saying she has an incredible body. While Maino admits Rihanna is not perfect, he said her nasty mouth more than makes up for anything she lacks, physically.


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