Chrissy Lampkin discusses marrying Jim Jones

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

For years, Jim Jones has been one of the biggest names in the rap game. He has built the persona as the businessman-turned-rapper who had all of the women in the club. But, behind the scenes, Jones has had one woman by his side and has remained faithful. The world is starting to get to know Chrissy Lampkin.

Some women would argue that Chrissy Lampkin has it all. She has a beautiful home and loving children. Along with her children and her home, she is also very wealthy. But, Chrissy Lampkin is lacking one thing in her life, a husband. Jim Jones has been her boyfriend for years, but she is not his wife.

Lampkin proposed to Jim Jones and she discusses this on her new reality show, "Love & Hip Hop." Jones said he is not ready to get married, at this point. However, he does love her and has no intention on leaving Chrissy Lampkin. While he lives the fast life, he needs something stable in his life and Chrissy is the stablility he needs.

Chrissy Lampkin says she does believe Jim Jones will eventually marry her. Lampkin said she proposed to her boyfriend to prove how much she loves him. Even though she did not receive a definite answer, she is staying with him because she loves him so much. Having been with Jim Jones since 2004, Chrissy Lampkin does not picture her life without him in it. But, she does hope he Jim Jones will have a title bigger than boyfriend in her life, husband.


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