Tameka "Tiny" Cottle charged with Drug Possession

Monday, November 1, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff writer

Back in September, T.I. and Tiny ran into law troubles in Los Angeles when they were caught with drugs in their vehicle. Fresh out of prison, T.I. is facing a return to prison for eleven months. While he is going back to prison, T.I. will not be facing drug charges. Tiny will not be so lucky.

When the story first broke, rapper 50 Cent advised Tiny to take the fall completely. 50 felt that she would get off with a lighter sentence because she is a woman. But, even if she did not get off light, 50 said it should be her duty, seeing how T.I. just got out of prison. Tiny did not take anyone's fall, but she is in trouble.

With T.I. headed back to prison and Tiny also being in trouble with the law, their children may have to find somewhere else to live. The couple have six children overall and all six may have to relocate if both parents are forced behind bars. Even if Tiny does not end up going to prison, she may be forced to give the children up.

However, there is the possibility of the court sentencing the couple at different dates, so the children keep at least one parent in their lives.


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