Mariah Carey talks pregnancy, jokes about Jay-Z and Beyonce

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Ever since the start of this year, there have been rumors of Mariah Carey being pregnant. Each time anyone asked Carey about carrying a child, she denied the rumors. But, after Alicia Keys gave birth to a child with Swizz Beatz, MiMi had some news of her own.

Last week, Mariah Carey admitted that she was pregnant with Nick Cannon's child. In the time since she dropped the news, the entertainment sites have been buzzing. Now, with everything out in the open, Mariah Carey has been discussing her pregnancy quite often.

Recently, there have also been rumors of Beyonce being pregnant with Jay-Z's baby. Ever since the couple married, in 2008, many sites have floated rumors about the billionaire hip hop couple expecting. But, right when the rumors gain traction, either Jay-Z, Beyonce, or both come out and deny the pregnancy. However, recently, Beyonce's mother, Tina denied that her daughter was pregnant, saying instead she was. Initially, it was taken as a joke, but some people thought the rumors were true and she has spent the past few weeks cleaning that up.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey decided to have some fun with her news. She said, hopefully when her child gets older, he or she could possibly date the child Jay-Z and Beyonce are expecting. While Carey made the comment, she was well aware that Beyonce is not expecting a child. In an effort to avoid controversy with the powercouple, Mariah Carey has made it clear she was only joking around with the couple.


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