Game disses Marques Houston

Monday, November 29, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Compton rapper, Game, is not a stranger to beef, as he entered the game sending disses to Murder Inc. But, as his career went on, Game became known for his issues with his former crew, G-Unit. For five years, Game has been going back and forth with 50 Cent, so he decided to end the beef.

At the time, Game had just returned to Aftermath Entertainment, so he had decided to end all of his feuds. But, with his album now pushed back to next year, Game feels as if he has nothing to lose. Recently, via Twitter Game decided to unleash his fury on Marques Houston.

Despite his ties to crime, Game does have limits and he draws the line at child molestation. In 2003, Chris Stokes, along with Houston were accused of having inappropriate contact with former B2K members, Raz B. Game went on to tweet that Houston should stay away from daycares and elementary schools. The rapper called the duo butt pirates and said his mother would say the same thing.

After reading the tweets, Marques Houston seemingly took offense and replied. He said their problems are being handled by the law enforcement. Sensing Houston getting upset, Game made it clear he was only joking around with him. Later, he said it is none of his business if they did it or if they did not do it, but he would sleep with one eye open if he had to sleep around them.


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