Kim Kardashian talks Ray J sextape

Monday, November 29, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Before 2006, not too many people had heard of Kim Kardashian, but plenty of people had heard of Ray J. Four years later, Kardashian is the biggest reality show star around and Ray J is an afterthought. When Ray J is interviewed, he is frequently asked about the Kardashian sextape.

In a recent interview, Ray J was asked if he feels responsible for the success of Kim Kardashian. He did not directly say the sextape helped make her famous, but he did hint towards this. If it had not been for her flashing her voluptious body during the tape, most men would not have any interest in her.

Recently, Kim Kardashian interviewed with Matt Lauer for NBC's "The Today Show." During the interview, amongst other things, Kardashian talked about the sextape with Ray J.


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