Kelly Rowland likes going Commando

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Currently on top of the female R&B game, Kelly Rowland has been all over the place. Released in March, her "Motivation" single has taken the radio by storm. For the past few weeks, the song has been on the top of the R&B charts. With her album recently released, she is trying to keep the buzz going.

Recently, Kelly Rowland was dissed by one of Beyonce's producers, who ridiculed "Motivation." Taking everything in stride, Rowland ignored his insults. When she finally decided to address the situation, she said the numbers speak for itself. Secure in her relationship with former group-mate, Beyonce, she has kept things moving.

Kelly Rowland is back in the news, but it is not because of her music, or even her feuds. Instead, Kelly Rowland is in the news because of an outrageous statement she made. The "Motivation" singer announced to the world she loves going commando. For those who do not know, going commando is wearing clothes without underwear.

Admitting she was single, Kelly Rowland also said she has several things on the side. The reason she goes around naked is because she is boosting her confidence. To Kelly Rowland, going commando makes her feel yummy. Quoting her grandmother, Kelly Rowland said she was told, no matter how old she was, she should always feel sexy when in the nude. When she turned thirty, Rowland accepted her body was going to change if she did not do something about it and she did.


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