Chelsea Handler admits to 50 Cent relationship

Saturday, August 20, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Late in 2009, 50 Cent explained why he did not have a girlfriend. 50 Cent said he was too rich to date and did not trust anyone. Early in 2010, E! personality, Chelsea Handler said 50 Cent came on to her and she turned him down.

While she had turned 50 Cent down, Handler said she was very much single at the time. Offering herself to 50 Cent, the conversation died down. In the coming months, several rumors started about the possible couple.

Everyone had something to say about the relationship, including Diddy. However, late in 2010, the rumors began to take their toll. Both 50 and Chelsea were tired of the rumors. Chelsea Handler said she was tired of 50 Cent sending her expensive gifts when she could easily afford her own and this was her final straw with him.

However, earlier this year, Chelsea Handler admitted she and 50 Cent did date. She said their relationship was nothing serious, however. Ciara even stated the reason she and 50 Cent split up was because Chelsea Handler came between them. 50 Cent said the reason he was with Handler was because of her down-to-earth attitude. Chelsea Handler informed the people 50 Cent is nothing like how he acts in front of the camera.

Recently, Chelsea Hander said her relationship with 50 Cent was nothing more than sex. The couple were nothing more than friends with benefits. Chelsea Handler said the sex with 50 Cent was fun, but there were no emotions tied to it.


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