Wyclef names New Album "Feel Good Music"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

While he was unsuccessful in his bid for presidency in Haiti, Wyclef has continued to make music. Embracing his celebrity status, Wyclef is back in the studio. A little over a year following the Haiti incident, Wyclef is back in the United States and making music.

Currently, Wyclef is putting together the finishing touches on his ninth studio album. Recently, Wyclef discussed his upcoming album with MTV News. When he was asked about the title of the album, he said it would be called Feel Good Music.

On his latest album, Wyclef said there will be nothing but positive and upbeat music played. Wyclef said the album will be like a stage play, so people will have to listen to it from the start to the finish. Without a release date, Wyclef has started pushing the first single, "La Historia." The song is currently being used in Zumba classes.

Wyclef said his latest album will definitely have fans feeling good.


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