Uncle Luke says Wiz Khalifa went soft

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Last year, Uncle Luke made himself relevant when he became the star of his own reality show. He remained in the public eye when he announced he was running for mayor of Miami. For the past few months, Uncle Luke has stayed around by providing commentary on several hip hop events.

Earlier today, Uncle Luke called out Wiz Khalifa, one of the newer artists in the game. Last fall, Wiz burst to fame with his hit single "Black & Yellow." He remained in the spotlight when it was revealed he was dating Natalie Nunn. When he dumped Nunn for Amber Rose, their love triangle stayed in the headlines.

On a daily basis, Wiz Khalifa is in the news for his relationship with the former girlfriend of Kanye West. It seems as if everyone has had an opinion about their relationship. The frequent comments have caused the couple a little hardache, whether the want to admit it or not. Recently, Wiz and Amber took another hit when Uncle Luke called out Wiz Khalifa.

Uncle Luke said Wiz Khalifa has gone soft over Amber Rose. He said the first unwritten rule in the rap game is to never date a woman who has already been with another rapper. Before her relationship with Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose became famous as Kanye West's girlfriend. Uncle Luke said Wiz Khalifa is not the only rapper to break "the bro code." Among the other offenders Soulja Boy and MempHitz. Uncle Luke said hip hop is not like sports, where athletes all date each other's exes.

Uncle Luke said Wiz Khalifa has no focus, as he fell for a trifling woman, such as Amber Rose, who only loves the spotlight.


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