Monica and Shannon Brown wed

Monday, July 11, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Last year, Monica and Shannon Brown had almost everything they could have asked for. Monica released a successful comeback album and Shannon Brown won his second NBA championship. At the time, life was fantastic for both of them.

While 2011 has not been a bad year for the couple, it could have been much better. Monica has not released any official new music this year. Meanwhile, Shannon Brown's Los Angeles Lakers fell early in the 2011 playoffs.

Usually, when things are not going well, people often say it is time to make something go well. Monica and Shannon Brown already got married earlier this year. Now, the couple had an official wedding with all of their family and friends.

On the court, things may be looking worse for Shannon Brown, as the NBA season may be locked out, like it was in 1998. Last year, Monica and Shannon Brown met on the set of her video, "Love All Over Me," and they immediately began dating. Within months, they were engaged and have wed this year. Monica hooked up with Shannon Brown after breaking up with rapper, Rocko.


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