Jay-Z reflects on Amy Winehouse's music

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Jay-Z helped introduce Amy Winehouse to the American musical scene. In 2006, Winehouse released her hit single, "Rehab." The song, however, would not become a hit until 2007. During this period of time, Jay-Z signed Amy Winehouse to Def Jam, while he was serving as the head of the label.

When she officially signed to the label, her project was promoted during the summer of 2007. Once "Rehab" became an American hit, Jay-Z recorded on the remix of the song. Her debut album, Back to Black, was a tremendous success. However, the "Rehab" song would prove to tell the story of her life.

Three days ago, Amy Winehouse died, but it has not been proven exactly what happened. Many are assuming it had something to do with her drug abuse. Taking time away from the drugs, Jay-Z spoke on her recordings. Amy Winehouse was a talented artist and Jay-Z believed she could truly become one of the best artists of all-time.

Jay-Z recently reflected on his favorite Amy Winehouse song. When speaking on his favorite song from her, the Brooklyn rapper said his favorite Winehouse song was "Tears Dry on Their Own."


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