Flo Rida engages in Paternity Dispute

Monday, July 25, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

The last time fans truly heard from Flo Rida was 2009. The Miami rapper was riding off the success of his second album in as many years. However, last year, Flo Rida took time off to record his third album. During this time off, Flo Rida has had a high-profile relationship with Brandy, among other situations.

Earlier this year, a woman named Gloria Halloway gave birth to a son. Halloway is making accusations of the son being fathered by the rapper. Flo Rida's attorney spoke with TMZ and told them he already took a DNA test. The paternity test ruled Flo Rida out as the father of the child.

Flo Rida is coming under a little fire because he did not use his real name when he took the paternity test. Due to the fact he did not use his name, there is no proof the child is not his. It appears as if Flo will be back in court because he did not use his real name. Outside of his relationship woes and baby mama drama, Flo Rida has been out of the spotlight.

Currently, the rapper is working on a new release, called Only One Flo.


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