Film starring Fantasia to premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

By The Film Critic
JR Staff Writer

Now a veteran in the game, Fantasia has expanded from simply recording music into movies. Most artists begin with their music and they expand into other ventures. Since releasing her debut album, seven years ago, Fantasia has starred in her own reality show and has had cameo appearances in films.

Fantasia's big movie break came when she was cast to play gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson. The film is a bio-pic about Jackson's life and is currently is in pre-production. Despite the movie not being completed, nor with an official title, it will still premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Adrian Taylor, the executive producer of the film, stated Cannes offered to screen the film. In order to have the film ready in time, the production team is to complete on April 6, 2012. Filming is currently taking place in New Orleans and Chicago. Fantasia was cast as the lead role, Jackson, and had to put on 45 pounds.

Production will begin this October and the film will be ready for the public late in 2012.


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