DMX's team denies Reality Show rumors

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

Years ago, before his various times behind bars, DMX had become the face of BET. At the time, BET was investing more in its original programming. DMX's reality show, "Soul of a Man," was paired with Lil' Kim's "Countdown to Lockdown." Both shows brought record views to BET, at the time.

Following his stint on BET, things went downhill very quickly for the troubled rapper. DMX had plans of putting together his second album with Columbia Records. Originally, he hoped to release the album in 2007. However, label politics eventually led to him leaving the label.

The downtime proved damaging for DMX. While he announced he was going to release two albums on the same day in 2008, no new music came. Instead, DMX was found with drugs on him. The charges quickly landed DMX in prison. After getting out of prison, DMX began serving his longer term in 2009. Immediately following his 2009 release, X was sent back in 2010.

Out of prison, for the last time, he hopes, DMX made several announcements. Repeatedly, DMX said he intended to take the rap game over again. However, there were also reports of DMX starring in a new reality show, called "X-Tended Family." The show was going to revolve around DMX reuniting with his older children and building a relationship with his younger ones. Aside from the children, DMX also was going to work on getting to a good place with his children's mothers. Now, there are reports from DMX's team that say there is no reality show.

More than likely, the "X-Tended Family" reality show is another rumor created by Yadira Borrego, the former fiancee of DMX.


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