Brandy to star in Documentary detailing Music Comeback

Saturday, July 30, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

In 2008, Brandy attempted to pull of a comeback. Her album, Human, came after the tragic car accident of 2006. On the album, Brandy attempted to put her personal problems in the past. While her goal was moving on, her attitude turned many fans away from her. Human remains her lowest-selling album to date.

Brandy has struggled for quite some time, while Ray J has been one of the more popular R&B singers in years past. In 2009, Ray J soon became one of the more popular television stars. Quickly, he became the biggest face on VH1, when "For The Love of Ray J" premiered. The show received major ratings and left people wanting more of him.

When Ray J decided it was time to end his quest for love, at least for the entire world to see, VH1 wanted to do another show with him. This led to the formation of "A Family Business." Through the show, people were able to see the remorseful side of Brandy. While she was back in the public eye, her show, nor did her appearance on "Dancing with the Stars," do much to boost her music career.

Recently, Brandy confronted this and decided it was time to move on. Brandy announced she will soon be starring in a documentary. The documentary will focus more on Brandy trying to re-gain her spot in music, instead of her other ventures.


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