Beyonce opens up about Jay-Z

Friday, July 22, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

With her album, 4, being released, Beyonce is back in the public eye. During her three-year break, Beyonce found the female R&B game dominated by many new singers. Still, there was plenty of room for Beyonce to find her way back into the game.

Over the past three years, Beyonce has been in the news because of her relationship with Jay-Z. The two confirmed their relationship towards the end of 2002. During the spring of 2008, the couple got married.

Despite their marriage being well-known, Jay-Z and Beyonce remain a very private couple. Because of this, there are often many rumors about them. The rumors range from Beyonce cheating to expecting.

Recently, Beyonce opened up about how much Jay-Z annoys her. When the couple has time together, Jay-Z is often rapping. The movement of his lips and the mumbling gets to Beyonce, from time to time. She said when he does this, she can almost see the lyrics coming out in thought bubbles. With Jay-Z back in the studio, working on Watch the Throne, he is getting his rhymes together to finish recording.


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