Beyonce nixes cookbook Rumors

Friday, July 29, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Back on top of the music industry, Beyonce is all over the place with her hits. When her music is current and hot, the new rumors are created about her. It is when she is out of the public eye when things get blown out of proportion.

Regardless of what she has going on, Beyonce is going to be involved in a rumor. The recent rumors state Beyonce will be putting together a cookbook. While she has never discussed her culinary abilities, many were anxious.

Those who were looking forward to the Beyonce cookbook will be a little disappointed. Her team revealed Beyonce will not be working on a cookbook. Beyonce's team said the only thing she has going on is her new music.

In an interview with, Beyonce's team said there is nothing going on with Beyonce and a cookbook, ending the rumors.


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