Yadira Borrego says she is Mother to two of DMX's children

Friday, June 24, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

With DMX getting out of prison in two weeks, there have been many stories about the troubled rapper. After everything he has gone through, DMX said he was putting his life back together. X was married to Tashera Simmons for years, but his constant cheating drove her away.

There have been multiple stories saying DMX has moved on with his life, now engaged to Yadira Borrego. These rumors went on for a few days, until DMX clarified things. X said the two lived together and were engaged, in the past. However, he also said she was too wild to be his woman.

Apparently, word has gotten back to Yadira Borrego about the comments DMX made. Now, a company Borrego contacted on behalf of X, has released a statement. Domenick Nati, the president of Nati Celebrity Services, recently spoke on the situation. Nati said Borrego contacted him on behalf of DMX, as his fiancee. She wanted them to help DMX pull off his comeback.

Nati said he has contacted VIBE, BET, and other urban media outlets on behalf of DMX over the past few months. With DMX now denying Borrego, Nati has confirmed DMX was indeed engaged to Borrego, and she is the mother of two of his children, as she was an integral part in linking DMX and Nati together.


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