Shaquille O'Neal sextape Never Existed

Friday, June 17, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

For years, Shaquille O'Neal portrayed himself as the ultimate family man, despite being the face of the NBA. Anytime a person has money, their romantic life runs a high risk of being filled with various people. If a person has gotten their money through professional sports, they run a much higher risk.

In 2007, Shaquille O'Neal's seemingly perfect marriage came crashing down. During the late summer of 2007, it was revealed Shaunie O'Neal was cheating on Shaq with a helper for the Miami Heat. When the news was revealed, it was also said that Shaq was going to divorce his wife.

The news hit and suddenly disappeared and things almost went back to normal. But, during the late summer of 2008, it was revealed that the marriage was over. Full details surfaced online about how Shaq had been cheating on Shaunie O'Neal for years. Her affair in 2007 was only retaliation for all of the years she had been cheated on by Shaq.

A former associate of Shaquille O'Neal, Robert Ross, said there was a sextape of O'Neal floating around and he had copies. Because of this, Ross was reportedly beaten by gang members. Now, sources close to the situation say the sextape was a hoax and it never existed. Ross said he had footage of O'Neal, but he never made it into a sextape. O'Neal was questioned about the beating of Ross, but no evidence proved he was involved in the situation.


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