Sean Kingston is Alive and Well, Talks Miami Accident

Monday, June 20, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Late last month, Sean Kingston made news for the first time in years. Kingston made a major splash during the summer of 2007. His hit single, "Beautiful Girls," made him into an overnight sensation.

However, the years since 2007 have been rather rough on Sean Kingston. He has struggled to find hits, but he has enjoyed the royalties from his early music.

Recently, Sean Kingston and a female friend were enjoying time to themselves in Miami. Kingston and his friends were riding jet skis in Miami. What was supposed to be a fun day ended up becoming very disastrous when Kingston got into a crash. Reports said he was in critical condition and actually close to death. Soon, the story was forgotten, as more news reports came.

Back to full strength, Sean Kingston went on Twitter to thank everyone for their prayers and their support.


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