Rashard Lewis reportedly slept with LeBron James' girlfriend

Thursday, June 9, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

The past year and a half have been mixed for LeBron James. After winning his first MVP, in 2009, many expected him to finally capture the NBA championship. Instead, his Cavaliers lost in six games to the Orlando Magic. Among the main components in this demise was Rashard Lewis, who buried key three pointers.

Two years later, it sounds as if three pointers were not the only thing Lewis was burying to disappoint LeBron James. Recent rumors suggest the current Washington Wizards forward had sexual relations with James' girlfriend. Nette at 97.9 The Box said the encounter took place when Lewis played against Miami.

Nette said she has sources close to the situation, who called the infamous Tiger Woods story. This person has a home in Orlando, close to Rashard Lewis' home. Not only is this person a neighbor, he also clubs with Rashard Lewis. Due to Lewis' NBA status, all of the talk was LeBron James and his performance in the NBA Finals, with drinking involved, Lewis reportedly said he slept with Savannah, the girlfriend of LeBron James.

Following James' terrible performance, Stephen A. Smith said LeBron was going through trouble off the court. Similarly, during the 2010 NBA Playoffs, James had less-than-LeBron-like play and Smith said he was going through personal problems. Only then, it was revealed his teammate, Delonte West, had slept with his mother. This time, it seems as if LeBron James is struggling with the fact that Rashard Lewis helped oust him out of the 2009 playoffs and slept with his girlfriend.


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