R. Kelly being sued by Former Manager over Unpaid Fees

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Right when it seemed as if R. Kelly had escaped his past and gotten things back on track, he is facing more trouble. Nine years ago, it was revealed that R. Kelly was having sex with underage females and was facing charges. Every girl who was sleeping with Kelly, during this time, filed charges.

Because of his actions and then songs, such as "Bump n Grind," fans turned against Kelly. However, R. Kelly's strong management team urged him to change his style. Along with the change in his style, they also arraged collaborations with popular rappers. Ja Rule and Jay-Z were among the big names to work with R. Kelly.

Due to the swift movement, R. Kelly stayed on top of the R&B game and moved to icon status. However, much a his profits, during this time, ended up going to his legal affairs. In the midst of all this success, R. Kelly was still facing prison time. It was not until 2008 when the charges were officially dropped and R. Kelly was still posting chart-topping hits.

While R. Kelly lived the good life, his manager, who claims to have put all of this together, has not been properly paid. His manager said the reason he was not properly paid was because R. Kelly was using his share of the profits to pay off his legal issues. Now, the manager, Jeff Kwatines, is suing for unpaid royalties and puntative damages. R. Kelly had arranged for Kwantines to receive 15% of his earnings for his work, but paid off his legal fees. Now, Kwanties is suing and the suit is for over $1 million.


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