Nivea clarifies the Drunk Driving Rumors

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Yesterday, Nivea made the news in a major way and was made to look like a neglegent mother. The singer was attending the wedding of Toya Carter to MempHitz in Atlanta. Both Nivea and Carter have children with rapper, Lil Wayne. Nivea was there to show her support and to bring her child.

The reports said Nivea attended the wedding reception and had a couple of drinks. Despite being buzzed, Nivea got in her car and attempted to drive home. Once she got on the road, Nivea soon found herself in a car accident. After smashing into a tree, she was arrested, with the child in the car.

When the news hit the internet, many people sounded off on the singer. Now, with the news coming back to her, Nivea is highly upset. Instead of being drunk, Nivea was driving on a poorly lit road and a tree was down in the middle of the highway. According to Nivea, "kiddie cones" were set up to stop people from driving into the tree, but she did not see the tree until she cut her highbeams on.

Nivea admitted to having one glass of wine at the wedding reception, but she said her friends would not have allowed her to drive home if she was truly drunk. However, when the police searched her car, they did find an empty bottle of alcohol. Nivea said that was an ignorant mistake on her part because the bottle was old and she had not gotten around to getting rid of it. One site reported she had cursed a police officer out and she also said those reports are false and this is what really happened.


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