Ne-Yo likes natural Women

Monday, June 20, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Women have fantasized about Ne-Yo ever since his 2006 emergence into the game. Ne-Yo has made songs the women love years before his debut album. Such hits as Mario's 2004 smash, "Let Me Love You," were penned by Ne-Yo. When he decided to try his own hand at singing, he was very successful.

Along the way, Ne-Yo has captured the hearts of many women around the world. This all came, pretty much, without any effort, as all he did was sing. Recently, Ne-Yo and his "friend," Moneytta Shaw welcomed his first child into the world. While she was carrying the child, Ne-Yo said they were not together.

Traveling all over the world, Ne-Yo runs across all types of women and he interacts with them all. Because of this, Ne-Yo said he cannot commit to a women. The mother of his child understood this when she got involved with Ne-Yo and she accepts this. While she is the mother of his only child, Ne-Yo has no plans of leaving all the other women alone.

Ne-Yo's love for women is what led to a recent statement from the acclaimed singer. At each of his shows, women are throwing themselves at the gentleman. When asked of the type of woman he likes, Ne-Yo said he likes natural women. He does not like women who wear too much makeup, he likes for a woman to fix up a little, but come as she is for the most part.


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