Frank Ocean talks about his Debut Album

Monday, June 20, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Last Friday, Frank Ocean received a boost he did not see coming, when Chris Brown thought he gave him a shoutout. Instead, Ocean perceived his comments as a diss and dissed him back. Now, there is a major feud in R&B involving Chris Brown and Frank Ocean.

Until his Twitter beef with Chris Brown, Frank Ocean was practically a no-name. With his music being released before the end of this summer, Frank Ocean was in need of buzz. Chris Brown's popularity, matched with his temper are likely to pay off for Frank Ocean.

Taking a break from the feud, Frank Ocean recently discussed his upcoming debut album. This summer, Frank Ocean will be releasing his debut EP, Nostalgia, Lite. It is a shorter version of his mixtape, which was released in March.

While preparing to release the mixtape next month through Def Jam, Frank Ocean ran into minor issues regarding sample clearances. Once he is able to get through the clearance issues, Frank Ocean will release his EP, as planned.


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