DMX denies being engaged to Yadira Borrego

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

With DMX getting out of prison in less than a month, there were rumors plenty rumors about the Ruff Ryder. Among the rumors are him starring in a new reality show. However, the biggest rumors have been about X being engaged to Yadira Borrego, a model.

After hearing about these rumors, DMX set the record straight in an exclusive interview with VIBE. X admitted the two of them were living together. He went on to say they were engaged, at one time, but things did not work out. However, he did say she wanted to work things out.

While Borrego wants to work things out, DMX said he does not see that happening. DMX said he is not completely ruling things out, but he has done a lot of thinking about the people in his life, including her. The Yonkers rapper said many people have told him they were there for him, but when it counted, they were not. Those are the people DMX is trying to remove from his life.

Angrily, DMX called her out for continuing to say she is his fiancee`. DMX said if that were truly the case, she would bring his daughter to see him every time she said she would. While Yadira Borrego has had trouble uniting X with his daughter, she has been able to go to the club and dance all over random guys, according to DMX. Living his life as a king, DMX said he could not accept this type of behavior from a woman, if she is truly engaged to him.


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