DaShawn Miller talks about "Late Night Show" and Upcoming Projects

Thursday, June 23, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

For the past few months, DaShawn Miller has been building buzz on the internet. The past six months has been a dream for the Waco, TX singer. Of course, he has gone through hurdles, but he has the big picture in mind. Miller has a buzz and now he is preparing to take things to the next level.

His "Late Night Show" single and video built DaShawn Miller's online buzz. Most importantly, it has left people wanting more of Miller. With the people wanting more, DaShawn Miller is working on the following project. The buzz is growing, Miller is surprised at how fast things are moving.

One morning, DaShawn Miller woke up and discovered his music had been posted on Billboard.com. Not even signed to a record label and he already had a major connections interested in him. Recently, JR caught up with the rising superstar for an exclusive interview.

How have you handled your recent string of success?
I keep working to get better. I am always trying to out-do myself.

What do you have planned to follow "Late Night Show?"
I'm actually working on the album. This upcoming album has many songs that are better than "Late Night Show" and now I am trying to get my fans ready for the release.

Do you have a title for your upcoming album?
Yes, the album is called On My Way, it's my debut album.

Who do you have working on the production of the album?
I got my beats from different people. I worked with Dewun, Wu Productions, his company, I Class Entertainment, does some of everything.

How did it feel when you realized you were on Billboard.com?
Oh man, it was crazy. It was a feeling I don't even know how to explain. Not everyone can make it on Billboard, so that was what changed me from being a singer to being an artist. Billboard bases the people listed on radio play and spins, so it's obvious I'm doing something right.

Are you collaborating with any other artists on your album?
Right now, I am only collaborating with Sino B., a member of an old group I was in. But, for the most part, I am recording alone. He is the only confirmed collaboration I have so far.

What about other artists, in general, are you featured on any upcoming songs?
I know I am featured on a song with an artist named Stamina, but the song has already released. But, I am currently focused on my own work. I have been contacted about doing a few collaborations, though.

How is your growth, as an artist, shown on your debut album?
For those who have followed me from the beginning, to now, they will see how I have matured. My first song was "Hot Tamale" and now I have gone from that to "Late Night Show." The subject matter of my music has deepened since my early days of making music.

Do you have any record labels currently interested in working with you?
Island Def Jam is handling my digital distribution and a label named Black Ice Entertainment is currently interested in working with me. I am under a one year contract with them for digitial distribution.

Moving forward, could you see yourself releasing more material with Island Def Jam?
Oh yeah, because they do good work. My song was released in many different places with them. I saw I was getting sales in China, Africa, and other places I could not have reached on my own.

Have you ever considered starting your own record label?
I am seriously considering it now because of how simple it is with an internet connection.

What is it like to go from struggling one minute to being on the verge of superstardom?
Oh man. It means all those sleepless nights were worth it. All of those nights in the studio, and all of the doubters, just keeping that drive and not letting the negativity stop you.

Who are the people who helped you get to where you are today?
My photographer, Tonya Wilkinson, she also serves as my advisor. She gives me the tough love and she makes me so much stronger. My mother, my biggest fan, she is always listening to my music. I release a song, she's playing it in five minutes. My fans, Cyrus Webb, for all the interviews and putting out my press releases. Dewun, he helped me big time with my project. My family, including my close friends, there are too many to count. Of course, God, he blessed me with the talent to get to where I am out. JR for featuring me and putting together this interview. Finally, all the people who have supported me, they helped me get here.


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