T-Pain denies relationship with Ke$ha

Thursday, May 19, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

After taking some time off, T-Pain is working on re-entering the game. His career took a major hit when Jay-Z released his 2009 comeback single, "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)." The song went at all of the rappers using the auto-tune, with the exception of T-Pain.

Despite the song killing the career of some rappers, T-Pain has continued to use it. He performed the hook on the popular single by the ever-popular DJ Khaled, "All I Do Is Win." T-Pain also provided the hook on his recent hit, "Welcome to my Hood."

Outside of making hits, T-Pain's love life has been very private. The most T-Pain has ever said was that he was in love with a stripper. In recent months, he has been rumored to be with a few different women. But, stories began about he and Ke$ha after a photo surfaced.

The two spent time together in Las Vegas earlier this week. Apparently, the two made out, as a photo of them was leaked to the internet. Before hanging out with her, T-Pain said he admired Ke$ha. However, he said it was not in a romantic way, instead T-Pain said he loves her because of her "fuck everybody" attitude.


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