Sarah Palin calls out Michelle Obama over inviting Common to the White House

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Earlier today, it was reported that Chicago rapper, Common, had been invited to perform at the White House. Common will be joined by Jill Scott, Bill Collins and Rita Dove to celebrate American poetry. Following a workshop for the children, they will perform in the evening.

Common was among the many rappers who spoke out during the presidency of George W. Bush. Given the level of disrespect he had for the previous president, many conservatives feel he should not be invited to the White House. Through Twitter, Sarah Palin made some subliminal comments.

Palin commented "Oh, White House," after learning Common was on the guest list. She also posted a link to an article written about the rapper on The Daily Caller, a conservative website. On the site, the lyrics of his song, "Letter to the Law," are posted. In this song, Common called out former president George W. Bush.

Michelle Obama has yet to send an official reply to Palin.


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