Ice T disses Soulja Boy's "Juice" remake

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

By The Film Critic
JR Staff Writer

Three years ago, Soulja Boy was knocked off his throne as the new prince of hip hop. His catchy single, "Crank Dat," won fans all over the world. As quickly as he won these fans, he won many critics who hated his lack of lyrical ability. Out of all his critics, Ice T became the most vocal.

During the summer of 2008, Soulja Boy celebrated the success of his debut album. Following a sluggish start, his album rebounded and certified gold. Even with all of his success, Ice T still felt the young rapper was undeserving. Ice T called Soulja Boy out several time and the two began an internet war.

Before the end of 2008, a truce was brokered between the veteran rapper and the newcomer. Soulja Boy has said he has respect for the music from Ice T. However, that respect is not enough for him not to defend himself when someone begins calling him out. Many thought Ice T was wrong for going after someone who was so young in age.

Having kept his mouth shut for three years about Soulja Boy, Ice T is back at it. Recently, Soulja Boy has been all over the news in his personal and professional life. The Atlanta rapper is dating Diamond, a rapper from Crime Mob. Outside of his new girlfriend, Soulja Boy is starring in a remake of the classic, Juice, and he is playing the role of "Bishop," originated by Tupac Shakur. This news has hit fans and has been met with mixed reviews.

There are some who support the remake and others who think it should be left alone. Ice T is among those who believe the Juice remake should be left alone. Questioning Soulja Boy, Ice T asked how someone could really come out and remake a Tupac movie. Ice T acknowledged his past actions towards Soulja Boy and wished him luck with the movie. He made sure to let it be known that he is not a hater.


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