Diddy changes his name to "Swag" for a Week

Friday, May 20, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

No public figure has changed their name as many times as Diddy. He was born Sean Combs, but began calling himself Puff Daddy by the time he started college. In the business world, he was fondly known as Puffy and made music under the Puff Daddy moniker.

When the 2000s arrived, Combs changed things up and renamed himself P. Diddy. Under the new moniker, he continued to make hit records, for himself and other artists. But, the name did not last as long as his previous name.

In 2005, Sean Combs announced he would change his name to Diddy in 2006. When 2006 arrived, the name change was official everywhere, except for the United Kingdom. In the UK, Combs is still known as P. Diddy.

For one week, Diddy will be changing his name, once again. This time around, his name will be Swag, celebrating his comeback. Recently, Diddy finished his Coming Home tour with Dirty Money. The album with the group was his final release and now Combs focus is solely on business.


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