Chelsea Handler explains 50 Cent split

Thursday, May 12, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

For most of 2010, entertainment gossip sites were filled with stories about 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler. Known as the bad girl of late night, Handler revealed 50 Cent had asked her out. At the time, Chelsea Handler said she was involved with someone, so she turned him down.

However, Chelsea Handler revealed she was now single and interested if 50 Cent was. Over the next nine months, the two flirted through gossip sites and Twitter. At times, the couple was spotted together. But, each time they were asked about dating, they denied it.

The flirtation took a serious tone towards the end of 2010, when Chelsea Handler had enough. In January, she said 50 had become stalker-ish. On Christmas, 50 Cent sent her several gifts, which she quickly returned. It was then when Chelsea Handler cut ties with 50 Cent. Their friendship is over and Handler wants no association with 50 Cent.

Now, the E! personality is going in-depth about why she has banished 50 Cent. Handler said she does not accept gifts from rappers because she is not a hooker. During an interview with Piers Morgan, Handler finally admitted to a romance with 50 Cent. Chelsea Handler said she enjoyed a very brief and very casual relationship with 50 Cent. While she said he was a very sweet and nice guy, Chelsea Handler said she was not looking for anything deep, only sampling.

While Chelsea Handler said 50 Cent was very nice and funny, she said she could not accept gifts from any man, especially extravagant ones. Because of her own high-paying job, Handler can afford her own gifts and she did not like that 50 Cent was buying her things when they did not know each other very well. Both have had nice things to say about each other in the media, despite a relatively harsh ending.


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