Bobbi Kristina not involved in Gun Fight

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Yesterday, several media outlets reported Bobbi Kristina, the troubled daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, had been arrested after being involved in a gun fight. Bobbi Kristina was not carrying a gun, but she got in trouble for being in possession of alcohol. The celebrity child was in the company of her boyfriend's friends.

The story also reported that Whitney Houston had sent her daughter out of town to get away from the bad influences. All of that may have been true, but there is a new report which contradicts most of the original story. While Bobbi Kristina was involved in an altercation, no guns were ever drawn.

Bobbi Kristina was approached by friends of her ex-boyfriend three weeks ago. Police officers say there was indeed an altercation, but it was more than likely nothing more than a dispute between a girlfriend and her boyfriend. Guns and alcohol were on the scene and other children picked up charges, but Bobbi did not. By the time the police had arrived, the situation was pretty much over.

There were many flaws in the original story that had Bobbi Kristina labeled as a criminal. Because of this, the law enforcement decided to speak out and set the record straight.


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