Black Entertainment needs Tyler Perry

Monday, May 2, 2011

By The Critical Writer
JR Staff Writer

There are those who adore Tyler Perry, those who tolerate him, and those who hate him. However, there is not a single person who can deny him. Perry has risen to become a power player in the entertainment industry. With no business plan, Tyler Perry has become a man worth over $600 million.

Tyler Perry has made his millions telling Southern stories through film, adapted from his plays. When he was still rising in the game, many other black filmmakers supported Perry. Now that he is on top, he is in the middle of a ridiculous feud with Spike Lee. Lee was the Tyler Perry of his time.

Spike Lee's films have all been met with critical acclaim, whole all of Tyler Perry's films have been critically panned. Despite the poor response, Perry has yet to have a film not be a box office success. His films may portray black people in a less-than-desirable way, but in economic times like these, everyone needs a laugh.

The feud between Spike Lee and Tyler Perry is senseless because there is more than enough space for both of them to make their own kind of films. If there was a feud going on between Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Spielberg, the media would be outraged. Black entertainment needs Tyler Perry because of all the records he is setting. Black entertainment also needs Spike Lee, his films are classics and more from him are needed. In addition to more Spike Lee films, black entertainment needs him to lay off Tyler Perry and focus on his own work.


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