Amber Rose goes in on VIBE magazine

Monday, May 30, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Amber Rose has been at the top of news headlines of both entertainment magazines and websites for nearly six months. Rose boosted to fame due to her high-profile relationship with controversial rapper, Kanye West. Their relationship was highly-publicized in the media.

People were able to watch the entire play-by-play as the couple fell in and out of love. Finally, Kanye West and Amber Rose called it quits last summer. In the time since then, Kanye West has been linked with several women. After being photographed in compromising positions with several men, Amber Rose has now settled down with Wiz Khalifa.

In December, Amber Rose announced she was dating the rap newcomer. Following this, Rose became a staple in the gossip columns. Recently, VIBE landed an interview with Amber Rose and it has left the model highly upset. Only bits and pieces of the interview were actually used. The popular urban publication only used parts of the interview that discussed her romance with Kanye West and her fling with NFL superstar, Reggie Bush.

After reading the "interview," Amber Rose was very upset. She said VIBE does not care that people in her family have read what they wrote about her in the feature. Despite having a wild image, Amber Rose does not like the way she was portrayed in the magazine. Through Twitter, Rose made several posts discrediting the magazine.


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