Soulja Boy dating Diamond of Crime Mob

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

The past week has been incredible for Soulja Boy. After going through a series of losses, his name has been all over the internet. First, he discussed the death of his brother. The Atlanta rapper has also opened up about the low sales of The DeAndre Way. After the album failed to meet his expectations, Soulja Boy considered retiring.

Over the weekend, news broke about Soulja Boy taking part in a remake of the iconic Juice film. Not only will Soulja Boy be a part of the remake, but he will play the role of "Bishop." Tupac Shakur originated this role when the film premiered. Soulja Boy has the pressure of living up to Tupac now.

Had it not been for the news about Soulja Boy playing "Bishop" in the remake of Juice, stories would have revolved around his love life. He already addressed his past issues with Kat Stacks. Living the life he lives, Soulja Boy is able to have his fair share of women. Soulja Boy has been involved with other women aside from Kat Stacks.

Last weekend, Soulja Boy was spotted at an Atlanta club getting close with Diamond of Crime Mob. For years, she has been dating Lil' Scrappy of Ludacris' DTP Records. But, by the look of the photos, she clearly moved on. Lil' Scrappy's mother confirmed the rumors when she released a video rant about Diamond for leaving her son for Soulja Boy.


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