Sara Stokes, formerly of Da Band, assaulted by Husband

Saturday, April 2, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Eight years ago, the world was introduced to Sara Stokes through the partnership between Sean Combs and MTV. He had taken over the hit ABC series, "Making the Band." Under Combs' guidance, he moved the show to MTV and decided to recruit a hip hop group for his first season.

Sara Stokes was among the contestants on the show. She ended up making it to the finals, becoming a part of the band. Stokes also helped the group come up with their name, Da Band. But, when it was time for them to market themselves, Stokes was uncomfortable doing some of the scenes, because she was married.

Her marriage caused a lot of strain with the other group-mates and frustration with Combs. While he respected their marriage, he wanted Sara to understand hip hop was a business. In the end, Combs had to relieve Da Band of their duties. Following a third season of "Making the Band," P. Diddy took Da Band apart, keeping Babs and the Philadelphia rapper, making them solo artists.

In the time since Da Band, Sara Stokes has kept her name in the spotlight. Despite her effort, most fans have forgotten about her. Even with her attempting a career in show business, Stokes' maintained her rocky marriage. But, she is back in the news because this rocky marriage has gotten rockier. Her husband, Tony, had followed Sara to Georgia, accusing her of cheating and ended up choking her. Tony Stokes was arrested and later released on a $2,000 bond.


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