Rihanna to appear on "American Idol" this week

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

It seems as if Rihanna is one of the busiest women in show business, as she is always on the move. Rihanna has barely had any time off since she release 2009's Rated R. The Def Jam singer has done several collaborations, appeared in advertising campaigns, and had beef with Donald Trump.

Now, the latest rumors say Rihanna is going to continue her run into next week. Only a few hours into the day, Rihanna is said to have an appearance on "American Idol." Last week, the show featured former contestant, Jennifer Hudson. Adam Lambert also made an appearance last week.

The biggest "American Idol" rumors have Kelly Clarkson, a former winner, returning to the show to perform. Clarkson has made a few appearances on "Idol" since making it big. But, in recent years, she has been away from the show, as she has had several products to put together. Rumors suggest "Idol" will pull of a Clarkson return and an appearance from Rihanna.

Despite losing major players, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, "American Idol" has continued to roll as one of television's highest-rated programs. Much of this has to do with the addition of Jennifer Lopez, a superstar in her own right, as one of the judges. Regardless of who makes a guest appearance on "American Idol," the show is always guaranteed one celebrity appearance.


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