Lupe Fiasco branches out on "Out of my Head" single

Thursday, April 28, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Despite Lasers not being what he wanted out of an album, it has put Lupe Fiasco's career back on the map. When he entered the game, a small bidding war ensued. In the end, Lupe Fiasco chose to sign with Atlantic Records and directly handle his business. It was a great deal, early on, but things soon went sour.

After releasing two albums on the heels of each other, Lupe was forced to wait four years between albums. With nothing to use as traction and with a panned album, Lupe Fiasco exceeded expectations. Even with things being as unorganized as they were, his album debuted at number one of the Billboard Hot 200.

Atlantic Records wanted Lupe Fiasco to branch out on his third studio album. When he refused to change his style, the label decided to delay his album to give him time. After fighting for four years, the fans demanded Atlantic Records release Lasers. When the album came out, the fans supported it and Lupe Fiasco is at the peak of his career.

The first two singles off the album, "The Show Goes On" and "Words I Never Said," ended up being minor hits. Currently, Lupe Fiasco is promoting the third single from Lasers, "Out of my Head." The song features a hook from Trey Songz and the song has a summer vibe to it. For Lupe Fiasco, this is a sharp turn in his style, as he usually is a concious rapper. "Out of my Head" has been receiving heavy radio play and is ready to make a mark on the charts.

By the looks of things, Lupe Fiasco may have his first number one single to go along with his current string of success on his latest release.


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