Lil Jon denies being a part of "Club Lil Jon" porno film

Friday, April 8, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Despite his eccentric style, Lil Jon is considered one of the smartest men in hip hop. He used his "crunk" style to his advantage and he dominated the charts for three years consecutively. Along the way, he helped revive E-40's career and reintroduce Too $hort.

Lil Jon was successful because he was willing to work outside of the box. While most rappers were focusing on clothing lines and shoe deals, Lil Jon was focused on Crunk Juice. He took his label, BME, to the top, but he did it with an independent distributor.

Along the way, Lil Jon also got into the movie business. But, he was not doing movies like most rappers. Instead, Lil Jon focused on doing porno flicks. These films were major successes and he wanted to put more together, as he is preparing his reintroduction to the game. But, his role on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" has Lil Jon re-thinking his image.

For years, Lil Jon has been rugged with his image and now he is trying to tone things down. Currently, major corporate big-wigs are scouting Lil Jon because of his Trump connections. Because of this, Lil Jon is making himself look as professional as possible. The first move the Atlanta producer made was getting rid of his film ventures. Despite producing the Club Lil Jon flick, Lil Jon has cut all ties with the video and he has refused to promote it. The film company, however, will continue to promote it.


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