Jay-Z launches new Lifestyle Website

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Many times, Jay-Z has stated he is not a rapper. Instead, he is a businessman who used rap to get into the game. Ever since he released his American Gangster album, Jay-Z has proven he is more than rap. Now, it is more common to find him promoting businesses than in the studio.

Ever since he left Def Jam, Jay-Z has launched a new record label and a management company. Now taking a backseat, he still dominates the radio waves. There are so many different businesses under the rapidly-growing umbrella helmed by none other than Jay-Z.

Currently, Jay-Z has a new project in the works, a lifestyle website. Many hip hop insiders have launched their own websites in order to gain more clients and to make money on the side. While Jay-Z long ago mastered hip hop, he is only a small player in the mainstream. Before the end of this year, Jay-Z plans to change this.

The new website will cover everything from music to fashion. Named after his 1999 album, the site is called Life + Times.


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