Jay-Z explains keeping his Cool

Thursday, April 14, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Ever since his feud with Nas, Jay-Z has been untouchable on all levels. While becoming one of America's biggest businessmen, he has still maintained his street credibility. This comes after being dissed by several rappers, including Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, 50 Cent, and Cam'ron.

Some of the disses became very personal. The rappers spoke of how Jay-Z looks, calling him a camel. Jim Jones went as far as to say Beyonce was too good for him. Jones invited Beyonce to come chill with him. Through all of this, Jay-Z remained mum in his responses.

Because of his responsibilities as a businessman, Jay-Z could only say so much in response. There have been times when Jay-Z wanted to say more. 50 Cent provoked Jay-Z late in 2009 when he said Jay-Z was a punk and was afraid to diss rappers after losing to Nas. The G-Unit rapper went as far as to use Jay's former protege, Beanie Sigel, against him.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently interviewed Jay-Z and she asked him how he maintains his cool with so much thrown at him at all times. Jay-Z replied, having the coolest women around him at all times, helps him keep his cool at all times. No matter what is thrown in his direction, Jay-Z still has Beyonce, he still has his successful businesses and his enemies are still jealous.


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