Jalen Rose taken off the air by ESPN

Saturday, April 2, 2011

By Sports Authority
JR Staff Writer

Following his retirement from the NBA, Jalen Rose tried his hand at sports announcing. Quickly, he landed a job with ESPN and he has become a fan favorite. Rose played several years in the NBA and is known as one of the most-famous role players of all-time. Many often wonder if he is related to current NBA star, Derrick Rose.

ESPN has loved Jalen Rose over the past four years. Recently, he was given his own segment, in which he discusses the ongoings of the NBA. Jalen Rose always said his dream job was to play in the league. But, retiring from the NBA and landing a commentating job is likely his dream job.

Jalen Rose has been suspended from this dream job until further notice, however. Recently, Rose flipped his SUV and it was ruled as a DUI. This happened on March 11, but Rose did not inform his bosses at ESPN until this week. While ESPN has said Rose has taken full responsibility for his actions, he has been suspended until further notice, cancelling his segment for the time being.

Rose admitted to having a little bit to drink, but he was confident he was not drunk. But, the blood alcohol test told a different story. Jalen Rose has offered apologizies to all of his fans, to the NBA, and to ESPN.


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