Ester Dean admits "Drop it Low" was for Ciara

Friday, April 8, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Ciara has been suffering from low record sales and she is ready to leave Jive Records. Last spring, Jive Records had a major hit from another female R&B act, Ester Dean. Her Chris Brown-assisted single, "Drop it Low," became a minor hit. Ester Dean's career is noted because of this single, while Ciara wants off Jive.

Basking in the success of her single, Ester Dean took some time to reflect on her big moment. She admitted her hit, "Drop it Low," was originally intended for Ciara. Struggling for hits, Ciara might have fared better had she used the song. Ester Dean spent the majority of her career making hits for other artists.

However, when "Drop it Low" became available, Ester Dean wanted the song for herself. While the song was intended for Ciara, other artists on Jive Records wanted the song. Long before Ester Dean, or even Ciara, Britney Spears was posting hits for Jive Records. When she heard the song she wanted to use it for her upcoming album.

Everyone involved knew "Drop it Low" was going to become a hit, but each of the ladies wanted this song for themselves. In the end, the song was used to build Ester Dean's career, which is still rising.


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